Wednesday, August 3, 2016

It's been awhile

Hi Lovelies,

It's been a very long time between posts.  It's funny how a change in location can affect the way your life goes.  Since moving house at the end of 2014, I think it's taken this long to get settled.  So much so that I had completely stopped crafting for over 12 months.  Which meant this blog got neglected.  So here I am dusting off the cobwebs, vacuuming out the dust bunnies and trying to remember how to blog.  I've even had to you tube some tutorials on using Gimp 2.8 (yet again) so I can hopefully show some pictures of what I've been doing of late.  I'm also thinking I may have to do a revamp of my blog some time soon.  Just to keep me interested.

Recently my wonderful friend Helen was on the coast for a holiday (she moved to Sydney just after we moved in)  & we had a wonderful time catching up.  It was actually her idea to start blogging again.  So thank you Helen for reminding me what fun times I've had with this blog.

This is all of us at a local look out above Nambour (on the way to Mapleton).  It was rather cool that day & a little windy.  We had just picked the girls up from school so they didn't have a chance to change out of their school uniforms.  The girls had a great time playing in the tiny park at the look out which gave Helen a chance to grab some great photos.  (These are all hers)

I'm not sure if I have posted about our newest family member before but here is a photo of our "Baby" Pippa.  Who Smudge (the cat) absolutely hates.  So much so that for the first 7 - 9 months after Pippa arrived Smudge wouldn't leave our bedroom or our bed.  Howard Hughes eat your heart out :p.

According to the Noosa RSPCA Pippa is a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.  Personally I think she's not purebred but I guess they where only going on what her mother is.  I can't wait for the puppy stage to be finished.  Yes at nearly 30 kg and about 60cm high she's still a pup.  I have at least another  12 months before she hopefully settles down.  I'm sick of finding things chewed up!  She even ate the ignition switch on my Webber BBQ, can you believe that.  It may look cute, but I know better.

Well lovelies I'd better go - Smudge is cracking up about something.  Either she wants out of the house or thinks I should go to bed.  Dopey cat!

Huge hugs to you all - Paula  

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Dawn Turley said...

Welcome back Paula. I am happy to catch up with you. My goodness your girls have grown up so much. I totally remember meeting you when Lilly was only a few weeks old! You are looking well too! Your puppy is lovely. She's going to be a biggy when she's fully grown.
Hugs Dawn