Saturday, April 4, 2009

Card from Lucy.

Card from Lucy.
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Hi all,

Just thought I'd share a card from a great friend of mine. Lucy made this card for me a few weeks ago. Isn't it wonderful?

We exchanged some stamped images which was fun. I think the hardest part was the waiting for the parcels to arrive. Lucy also gave me a stamp that she didn't use that much (another lovely surprise), so a huge thank you for that Lucy.

If you get a chance you have to go over to Lucy's blog (in my side bar) & check out her wonderful cards. Especially now that she has made the Design Team for Caardvark. Woohoo to you Lucy.


lauren said...

woohoo to lucy, indeed! and i am most envious that you've got one of her marvellous creations! :)

dominodebi said...

What a lovely card!

(Paula, I didn't know you had a blog! Nicely done!)

Dawn said...

What a lovely thing... It is so nice getting cards from other people. This one is lovely. We crafters are really a friendly caring bunch

Lucy, England said...

Glad you like it Paula - you are sweet...

fika said...

Paula.. i just seen this.. Lucy's card is so beautiful, love the sharing between both of you.. and thank you for giving me an award.. ;)