Friday, April 3, 2009

Em's quilt

Em's quilt
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Well as you know the title of my blog states that I have a fabric addiction as well as a paper addiction. So I thought I had better show you one of my other hobbies. This is a quilt that I am in the middle of making for my dd. I am not working to any patterns so it's kind of a mish mash of ideas. I think it all started from the fact that I wanted to try out my bias maker. Plus I brought a heap of fabrics from Spotlight to make a fun quilt for Em. The centre panel is from my stash, & the rest are the Spotlight fabrics. Since this photo was taken I have added another section to the bottom (I discovered Em has a King single bed). All I need to do now is finish the buttonhole stitching on the butterflies & put another boarder around the outside, get it quilted & bound & maybe have this all done by August for Em's 3rd b'day. Wish me's only taken 12 months to get to this stage lol.

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Lucy, England said...

WOW - amazing Paula. Love this. Maybe I should email you a picture of the quilt I made (but never quite finished) before getting obsessed with Hero Arts!!! :)