Friday, April 24, 2009

Tom & Smudge

Tom & Smudge
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Well as you can see I am the proud servant of these two furballs lol. The ginger/white one is Tom & the black/white one is Smudge but we tend to call her Bludger. Both of these two fine examples of feline purrrrrfection are recycled pets. Tom is a stray who has been with me for the last 7 years & Smudge is a pound kitty, who I have had for the last 4 years. So you could say they have both led blessed lives to some extent.

I had a scare with Tom in the last 4 days. I discovered that his right eye is white. I can only describe it as milky. So then of course I wanted to take him to the vet & my dh decided in all of his wisdom (Yes I am being sarcastic) that it was only old age. So I did the only thing I could. I made an appointment for a time that I knew my dh would be asleep & took Tom to the vet. Sneaky I know but I wasn't about to have an arguement before going to the vet. I have had enough of my dh's attitude towards vets in general. Plus it's not like I take the cats there all the time. So now I have a three legged blind in one eye cat. Maybe I should start calling him Lucky. Apparently my big ol' Tom has had blunt force truma to his right eye & will never be able to see out of that eye ever again. Which is a relief for me as I was thinking the worse & thought that maybe I would have to have him put down. I know that sounds horrible saying I'm glad that he is only blind in one eye, but all considering that is not life threatening.

So because I scared myself over Tom I thought I would take a few photos of him. But Bludger had other ideas & kept getting in the way trying to be a camera hog or helpful (take your pick). I ended up "sitting" (by that I had her pinned with my legs) on her while I took some decent photos of Tom. The last photo of Smudge was taken while I was sitting on her lol. Doesn't that look say it all............I am soooooooo going to suffer for this outrage. I am sure she is planning something big for me. Oh well such is the life of a cat's maid.

I am hoping to post some more cards later so till then have a great weekend. TTFN


Dawn said...

Paula.. they are very lucky to have such a great "Mum". I posted some comments on the pics in Flickr. Glad Tom is going to be okay. Cats are such characters. I love this quote I found once
"Cats regard people as warmblooded furniture"
So true...
Take care of your "boy"

Anne said...

Hi Paula! I don't blame you one little bit for taking Tom to the vet! So glad it isn't serious! We have two cats, too ... Melody and Coda. Smudge/Bludger could be Coda's cousin! :-)

Lucy, England said...

Gorgeous - and I would have been straight to the vet too. I love my cat (Dennis). I think crafting and cats go hand in hand!!! Your boys are gorgeous!!!

Diana said...

Darling kitties!