Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Daily Musings

Hi Lovelies,

My girls & dh have gone out for the arvo so I thought I'd pop in do a quick post.

Thanks to everyone for their well wishes on the "floods".  Looking out my kitchen window you wouldn't think that there where flash flooding anywhere on the Sunny Coast.  We have blue skies, big white fluffy clouds & sunshine abounds.  As I sit here typing this the sweat is pouring off me!  Anyone want to swap?  I'd love some cooler weather right about now, snow even sounds heavenly.   I know we are never happy with the weather we have are we.
We got back from the Gold Coast just as Oswald hit the south east corner of Queensland.  Which I am thankful for, we timed our mini holiday just right.  There is so much damage around even locally.  Our house is on a hill so we don't have the problems a lot of other people do.  It's now a case of drying the inside out due to the humidity.  At the moment I have all the windows opened hoping to catch a breeze.  We went for a drive yesterday (trying to find an open play centre to take the girls to) & the amount of water still there & the trees (some really big ones) that had blown over in the gale force winds, just incredible.  Makes me feel very lucky at the moment.  I cry every time I see the news, I feel for all those people who are caught up in it.  Or extremely mad at the idiots who deliberately drive into flooded roads, or swim in the swollen creeks.  Not only are they putting their lives in danger but are doing that to the S.E.S. workers as well (S.E.S. = State Emergency Services).  Most of whom are volunteers.  

So today we have been shopping (hadn't done that for a while), went to Emsy's school to get her books & had a quick chat to her new Teacher (very lovely lady).  I have now unpacked all the groceries & this arvo my list of "Things to do" are to cook/pack the meat away into meal sizes.  Make some biscuits & maybe a cake or two, cover all of Emsy school books.  I can see some unused scrap papers being used as there was only clear contact at Big W.   Make sure Emsy has everything she needs organised for her first day at School tomorrow.  She's excited as she has discovered Lisa is going to be in her class - her BFF at the moment.  She even found her desk in the class room.  It looks amazing, I'm so excited for her & am a bit sad that she is going back to school.  Even though I could quiet happily "strangle" (not literally ok) them some days I love having the girls around.  I think Lils is going to miss Emsy when she goes back to school.  So I can see a few tanties in the future week or so.  

Have a great day everyone & happy crafting

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Dawn Turley said...

So glad that all is reasonably dry at your place. I can imagine that some of the lower lying areas of Nambour got a bit wet~ Saw that video of the foam at Alex Heads... amazing. I can see that you will miss Ems when she's back at school... I remember those days.