Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Gone on hols.

Hi Lovelies,

At the moment we are on the Gold Coast about two hours south of where we live. I'm trying to blog from my phone. So far not it isn't going to plan. Hopefully things will improve  for me.  I'm trying to upload some photos directly from my phone. Even auto correct has gone awol. Stupid person trying to grasp technology not a pretty sight! Well here goes i hope i can get a photo up for you (cover your ears!).

Well it's taken me two days (in between holiday stuff!) to get the photos added.  I eventually got my phone to share internet with my laptop.  That was the only way I could upload these photos I took on my phone.   My dh is jealous of the shark photo (second from the bottom) I'm quiet proud of it.  The photos are a bit grainy because of my camera on my phone, but you get the picture.  It's been quiet hot here at the moment we all got a little sunburnt.  Must remember the sunscreen today.

Well the kidlets are fighting & dh is trying to referee so I'd better go.  Hope to do another post later today maybe.  


Virginia L. said...

Have a GREAT time, Paula! Thanks for sharing the lovely pics :) That shark photo is awesome!

Barb said...

Enjoy your fun time together, Paula! Fab photos! Sending hugs!

Dawn Turley said...

Loved the shark photo. Sea World is such a fun place. I laugh at you going to the GG when I come to your area for my holidays! Enjoy the break away

sheila said...

wow-the water is soooo blue!