Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!!

Happy Australia Day everyone,

Today is the 26th January which means it's Australia day.  You can go here for a techno explanition.  Or you can read about me rambling on & on about how wonderfully greatful I am to be an Aussie.
Especially since the floods.  The whole of Australia has literally rolled up their sleeves & said "What can I do to help?"  We have raised so much money (thank you to all those outside of Australia who donated as well), donated so many needed things from clothing, toys to building materials & labour.  It truly is our way of doing things.  We hate to see our mates down & always tend to battle for the underdog.  During such a sad time, we have so many stories of mate"ship" of strangers helping strangers. Amidst the sadness & chaos there where some truly heroic people who risked their lives to save others.  This to me is what Australia Day is about, it's people helping people no matter who, what or where they are. 

Have a fantastic day where ever you are, we are going to my parents place for a barbie (no shrimps for me yuck!) ;D

Hugs to you all & happy crafting xoxoxoxoxoxo 


Dawn said...

Happy Australia Day Paula. I love your description of "mates" ~ we can see that whenever there is a news item about the clean up. Enjoy the day and the BBQ ( I'm with you on the shrimps and prawns!!!!)

Tracey said...

Happy Aussie day Paula and family!!! Hugs, TRace