Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunshine & a card

Hi all,

Yes I'm still here ;). I don't think I will take sunshine for granted ever again. We are the lucky ones really. Other than localised flooding in all the usual spots (no where near us), which we knew about, there isn't any major damage to the Sunshine Coast at all. Plus for the last three days we've had Sunshine & it's been wonderful. We still get the occassional rain shower, but nothing like it's been.

As you can see I made another card with those scraps (I seem to have a lot of scrap!) I guess when you're on a roll - go with it?! I am hoping to do some more cards this week. Em starts back at Pre-prep so maybe I can squeeze some work in whilst she's at school & Lil' is sleeping.

Hugs to you all & Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxoxo


Dawn said...

super cute card Paula. Glad the Sunshine Coast is getting some sun. We were just talking today about when we'll be over to Mooloolaba again. Might wait till May/June again.

Dotty Jo said...

Cute card, and I'm so glad to hear from you as i have to admit that I've been watching the news and worrying! Jo x

Alice Wertz said...

so happy to hear that your got some sunshine and the flood isn't threatening you. =) beautiful card, too! very pretty and sweet colors and what a wonderful way to use up your scraps! love it! just got the happy mail from you, too! =) they are so beautiful! thanks for making my day, Paula! =) have a lovely Sunday!