Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I love thunder storms & I hate critters I tell ya! :(

Hi everyone,

How are you this rainy night? Yes it's raining again, hopefully this storm will blow over by the morning.  Queensland is famous for it's afternoon electrical storms.  You know the ones that make a lot of noise (lots of lightening), blow a lot of wind, occassionally hail & rain for a while.  Sometimes they are very destructive, like the one the day before yesterday.  Brisbane copped it again, as if the floods wheren't enough.  As a rule I love storms, especially when things cool down afterwards.  Not so keen on all the destruction though (go figure). 

I'm also not so keen on some of our native critters!  Like the 3 foot Red Belly Black snake under our stairs the other night.  Good thing Doug spotted it when he came home & shooed it away for me (my hero - swoon).  I don't mind snakes, but at night it was a little scary.  I hate Hate HATE  spiders of any kind & demand (usually at the top of my lungs) that they all must die!!!  When ever I see one, I try to get dh to kill it or at the very least get it out of my house.  If I have to deal with it - it goes to heavan.  Sorry I try to use the "Live & let live attitude", but spiders have more than one set of eyes & legs & really freak me out.  Plus here in Australia we have quite a few of the deadliest spiders in the world & the ones that aren't deadly are as big as your hand (including fingers!).  The other critter I'm not fond of is Cane Toads.  Horrid slimey (not really) gross (really) yucky (really yucky) animals - blah!  Especially when it's dark & they are at the door.  Noxius pests that they are. 

Well enough dribble from me tonight.  I wanna go work on a secret squirrel project ;).

Happy crafting & have a good week xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo 


Dawn said...

great post Paula.... I'm with you on SPIDERS!!!!!!!!!!!! HATE them with a vengenace.... Luckily we don't have snakes or toads but I also do not like Cockroaches, and Weta's.... horrible creepy crawlies!!!! I'm sure that's the reason why I got a husband!!!!!!!!! to take care of that sort of thing.

paula said...

Oooohhhhhhh Dawn I to forgot Cockroaches - nasty horrid little so & sos!!!!

Alice Wertz said...

not a cockroach and spider lover here, too... yuck! hope i'll never have to see any of them again! the cockroach in Taiwan flies! so glad that we don't have a lot of them here and they don't seam to fly in California... we do love squirrels and koalas, though. really hope one day we can go and see them in Australia! =)

Anne Gaal said...

Hi, Paula! Sorry that you are having more rains when you don't need them! I like watching a gentle lightning storm now and then ... but we had a really boomer a few years ago and the lightning hit close enough to our house to fritz out some of the electrical stuff. No fun! And I am not a big fan of cockroaches or spiders or ants in the house either! Hope things calm down in your area soon. My heart really goes out to all those suffering in the floods!