Monday, January 31, 2011

Deborah's CCC for January :)

Hi everyone,

I have a little share today about my entries for Deborah's January CCC.  I should say I have a story to go with my cards ;).  Firstly the cards (then that way you can always go & not have read about the dopey stuff I do).  Deborah themes for the January challenge
  1. Valentines Day
  2. Australia Day
  3. Friendship
So of course me being an "aussie" couldn't resist doing the "bleedin' obvisous" ;D.  I really do feel for Nancy my partner!  So I decided to make some cards with the colours from our flag - red, white & blue.  I also decided to use the sketch that Deborah provided.  Which resulted in the two fish cards.  Then I had a brainwave & made an Aussie flag card with our chant of Aussie, Aussie, Aussie.  Then I decided to make another card based on the sketch.  Only because I am not so keen on the red, blue, white together (sorry Nancy).  I made it "girly" with a huge flower on it, using one of my fav dies Tattered Flowers from Tim Holtz.  So feast your eyes on these :D
Now for the rest of my story.  As you all know we had some devestating floods recently here in Queensland.  Which affected everything including the mail & aircrafts.  Which meant that I was late in sending these cards.  Luckily for me Nancy & Deborah are so understanding.  In the end I sent Nancy pictures of the cards as well as Deborah, just so that Nancy wouldn't feel left out. 

Yes the fish do have googly eyes, complete with eye lids & lashes.
Happy crafting everyone xoxoxoxoxo


Dawn said...

I'm having a giggle here Paula... I struggle with making one card let alone more!!!!!! Your fish cards are so darn cute, love your flag card and your flower card is stunning. I love that die as well... I've got the leaves as well. Let me know if you want me to cut some and sent you.

Alice Wertz said...

fabulous cards, Paula!! love your cute fish they really made me smile! =) love your Australia themed CCC!! and that flower is so pretty! wonderful work, my friend!